Is there electricity in my brother’s luxury bungalow? – Senthil Balaji question to Seeman!

The Stalin-led DMK regime has completed one year. The DMK and its allies have been praising the regime as “aha, oho”.

But Edappadi Palanisamy, co-coordinator of the main opposition AIADMK, has criticized the pain as not an achievement in a year. While Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai has also been negatively critical of the DMK government, Naam Tamil Party leader Seeman has dismantled the DMK regime in his usual style, as if throwing them all away.

Seeman has ridiculed the Stalin-led DMK government for making power cuts a major problem in Tamil Nadu.

In this connection, he posted on Twitter today, “Eppa Seeman .. Let’s put the one year record of this regime on TV .. Let’s see what it is. That’s it.

DMK’s one year rule … Seeman who has become a part of it!
And, ‘One year record! Full Page Advertising! When it was done during the last regime it was vain advertisement; Luxury! If they do, it’s a necessary expense! ‘ Seaman was critical.

In response to Seaman’s criticism, he asked, ‘Did my brother’ really ‘have a power outage in the seaside luxury bungalow he recently settled in?

In a Twitter post, Senthil Balaji said, “The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (CEB) is doing very well despite the peak demand even in the hot summer months. If my brother gives me the power connection number of the seaside bungalow where he recently settled, I will inquire whether there was a ‘really’ power outage there.”