Is there a justification for Modi and a justification for Stalin? – Annamalai G What is all this!

‘The DMK government is in the process of shifting the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly from the existing Giant George Fort to Mamallapuram. For this, 6000 acres of land has been purchased and the government has been asked to start the process of forming a new assembly.

They are also doing some theft work so that the BJP will oppose this. Four members of the Gopalapuram family are trying to form a new assembly to make money. The BJP will never allow this. We will not allow even a single brick to be laid there. ‘

Annamalai had recently expressed the view that artificial power cuts are being created in Tamil Nadu in order to procure electricity from the private sector at higher prices.

So is electricity being bought from the state and private sector where Modi ji was the chief minister of the Gujarat model regime? There is no answer from him to the question of what is the reason for that.

Gopalapuram family plan to get rid of mega corruption … Annamalai public accusation!
Similarly, the siblings have re-locked Annamalai in the presence of the media regarding the new assembly.

‘At the height of Corona, Prime Minister Modi laid the foundation stone for a nearly Rs 1,000 crore project at the end of 2020 to build a new building for parliament right now without even understanding the mood of the people of the country. The construction work handed over to Tata is expected to be completed in a couple of months.

Modi ji can build a new parliament building at a cost of several thousand crores of rupees regardless of the crisis period like Corona, the economy of the country and the mood of the people.

If this is Chief Minister Stalin’s attempt to build a new assembly, it is a ploy to corrupt … The BJP will never allow this plan to make money for the Gopalapuram family.

MK Stalin Stalin’s Special Team: Report Out of Hand!
Is building a new parliament a justification for Modi and a justification for Chief Minister Stalin? That begs the question DMK siblings who know the details.

For one thing, the DMK government is implementing a plan to build a new assembly in Mamallapuram, as Annamalai says, and he can legally approach it if there is corruption. It is funny that Annamalai says that the BJP will not allow this with only four MLAs left.

Also, during the Karunanidhi regime, the grand assembly complex with the new headquarters at the Omanthurai Government Estate in Chennai was converted into a hospital by Jayalalithaa. The DMK is also angry that the Annamalai IPS must first honestly admit that this is why Tamil Nadu has to build a new assembly today.