Inspector Nageshwar Rao: Inspector Nageshwar Rao for five days police custody, Hayat Nagar court allowed!

Inspector Nageshwar Rao: Everyone knows about Inspector Nageshwar Rao, who was suspended from his job on rape charges, arrested and later confessed to the crime. However, the Hayat Nagar court has issued an order allowing Inspector Nageswara Rao to be in police custody for five days. Vanasthalipuram police will interrogate Nageshwar Rao from today to 22nd. A scene reconstruction will be done at the scene of the rape and the Ibrahimpatnam car accident. 

What actually happened..?

On the 6th of this month, a married woman was raped and the victim was raped. Also, while taking her husband to Elminedu in Ibrahimtapnam of Rangareddy district, the car met with an accident. Nageswara Rao, who was driving the car, sustained an injury on his shoulder, and both the victim couple escaped and filed a complaint with the Vanasthalipuram police. This is how the atrocities committed by Nageswara Rao came out. Hyderabad CP CV Anand suspended Inspector Nageswara Rao as soon as the matter was known. He talked to the victims and tried to reach a compromise. But it didn’t work and he was disappointed. But taking the case seriously, the police officers deployed three police teams to arrest Inspector Nageswara Rao. In this order, the SOT police arrested Inspector Nageswara Rao on July 11. However, the police collected evidence that Nageswara Rao had been sexually harassing the victim for the past two years. A case was registered under section 452, 376(2), 307, 448, 365 IPC and section 30 of the Arms Act.

Police custody allowed for five days..

In this order, the accused Nageswara Rao was produced by the police in Hayat Nagar court. The Vanasthalipuram police told the court that the accused, who has been in remand since yesterday, will be interrogated again. Agreeing to this, the Hayat Nagar court handed over Inspector Nageswara Rao to police custody for five days. However, the police will interrogate Inspector Nageswara Rao for five days from today, i.e. till 22nd July. Scene reconstruction will be done at the place where the rape took place as well as the car accident. The people who are supposed to be protected are doing this and they are saying dirty things. It is said that such incidents are happening frequently. They are expressing concern as to what to do if the officers who are supposed to protect them are being bitten.