Viral: Unexpected guests at the reception ceremony.. The groom grabbed his pants and ran..!

Viral: The wedding reception is being celebrated with grandeur. Meanwhile, unexpected guests entered the ceremony. That’s all the pleasant scene that was there then turned into a tension scene. Seeing the guests, the groom on the stage ran away. The incident took place in the jurisdiction of Santosh Nagar police station in Hyderabad. The details given by the police regarding this incident are as follows. Syed Nazir is married to a woman named Sana Samreen. However, he married his second wife without the knowledge of his first wife. However, Sana Samreen, the first wife who came to know about her husband’s second marriage, brought the police.

On one side, while the reception ceremony was going on, on the other hand, Samreen came with the police. The ceremony was interrupted. There was an atmosphere of conflict. Nazeer sneaked into the house and escaped through the back door as Sadamiya said. The police have registered a case and are investigating the incident.

Samreen's brother spoke to the media about the incident. 'We got married to Syed in 2019 after my sister came from New Zealand. He stayed with us throughout the lockdown. Rs. He demanded 15 lakhs. We did not give. Since then he has been keeping my sister away.' He said. And Samreen said.. He always harassed her for money. 'I am a doctor. During the second wave of covid 19, Syed's uncle got covid positive. I served them at that time. I gave them all the money I earned during the lockdown. But he harassed for money. I wanted to catch my husband red handed in case of second marriage. He escaped. I filed a complaint against him at Santosh Nagar police station.' She said.

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