Hyderabad: Hyderabadis beware! If you get caught without a helmet.

Hyderabad Traffic rule update: Traffic rules will be stricter in the city from now on. If you violate the traffic rules 3 times within 3 months within the city limits of Hyderabad, you will be fined. Generally, a fine of Rs.100 is imposed for not wearing a helmet. However, if caught three times without a helmet within a period of 3 months, a fine of Rs.100 will be imposed for the first time, Rs.200 for the second time, and Rs.500 for the third time. That means if caught three times without a helmet, the third time will have to pay an additional fine of 400 percent. The traffic police say that they are doing this to bring awareness among the motorists to keep an eye on the traffic violation cases that are registered every year. 290 people die every year due to road accidents. The traffic police say that our desire is to reduce this number. On the other hand, no matter how strict traffic restrictions are imposed, there is no reduction in the number of traffic violation cases. Challans have already been issued imposing fines on nearly 50 thousand motorists for a week. However, this provision does not apply to such persons if they pay the entire fine for the challan imposed on their first arrest. Only those who do not pay the fine will be fined Rs.500 if they are caught for the third time.

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