Hyderabad: Illness haunting children .. Shocking things in Heelpa survey

Are children in the southern states in the danger zone? Are children in Telugu states in particular facing many problems? Suffering from invisible diseases? Is Pattumani under stress with blood pressure at the age of ten? Yes in a nutshell 90 percent of children suffer from some form of disease. It is not surprising to see a health survey conducted by Hyderabad-based health startup ‘Heelpa’. Causing concern. So many diseases surround children. What a danger they are bringing. There is no disease that is not in our children. It should come as no surprise that this is the case. How long has it been since your child had a health checkup? Do children need to be tested specifically when they are active? However .. test your little ones once. Can you hear properly? Can you see clearly? Have you noticed whether they are underweight, underweight or underweight? It would not be a surprise if we examine them and find out the facts .. we will be worried. A survey conducted by Hyderabad-based health startup Healpha ‘Heelpa’ revealed the same. It tells us how vulnerable our children are.

In Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, health check-ups were conducted on 70,000 students between the ages of 3-18 years in government and private schools throughout the year. Identifies what defects are present in each. Summarizing these, it was found that only 10 percent of children are perfectly healthy. That means more than 90 percent of children suffer from some form of illness. Seventeen percent of children surveyed were found to have high blood pressure. Of these, 9 per cent are boys and 8 per cent are girls. 65 percent are underweight or obese. About 60 percent of girls and 71 percent of boys have a weight problem. 90% had ENT or visual impairment. 9% of people have monocular vision (monocular vision) and 10% have anismestrophy.

Our lifestyle has changed. We are not ourselves. A state of indifference even to our children. On the other hand .. a condition in which only the eye sees and heals. It was under such circumstances that Heelpa embarked on this survey. All tests were conducted by special teams in different schools. About 90 out of 100 children are found to have some form of disease. Only less than 10 percent appeared without any problems. It can be very different from what we think children are healthy to confirm scientifically. Heelfa claims to have used state-of-the-art technology to uncover this. Every student seems to be thoroughly examined.

Children need to be able to see and hear clearly if they want to learn anything. But we do not notice the state of their senses. We keep checking the functioning of the two organs in our body till one of them is completely damaged like eye, ears, nose and kidney. This is becoming a bigger issue. If these problems are not identified and corrected at an early stage, they will not be big problems. They warn that the intended goals will not be achieved. Pediatrician Dr. Vijayashankar played a major role in this survey.

A systematic approach was chosen to conduct such a large survey. A methodology was devised to test each child. Ear Nose Eye Mouth .. Weight Many parameters such as how to take .. How to make sure clearly designed as a syllabus. Specialized training was provided to field level staff for this survey. With this training, Ramya, a health trainer who took part in the survey, was able to scientifically test many of the health problems that children have at the field level. The health information of the students collected in different schools was specially computerized into different sections. Age… Female-male, disease, symptoms .. Many details like town are made as a dashboard. Vivek, the technical coordinator of the eSurvey, is taking this information from governments to NGOs and paving the way for improving the health of children.

The survey found that children are getting more and more sick due to changed lifestyle, snacks, stress and reduced physical expenditure. With the digital revolution, children have become accustomed to playing games on computers, laptops and mobiles. Along with this the eating habits have completely changed. Time to look at the digital screen is out of bounds. The survey reveals that this can lead to mental and physical problems in children. Governments have been instrumental in gathering this information. However .. In the case of child health in the Telangana government .. Helifa says that this report is more useful to correct.

The problem that is haunting children is the Telugu states .. not only in the neighboring states .. It is estimated that around 50 crore children are being chased in the country. Especially those between the ages of two and a half and 18 are more likely to be diagnosed with the disease through surveys. Imagine how horrible it would be if 90 percent of people had some sort of health problem. Governments are not just NGOs. Parents also need to do a basic health check-up for their children at least once a year.

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