Hussein becomes AIADMK leader

With the slogan of single leadership in the AIADMK at its peak, the much-anticipated party general body and executive committee meeting was held today at the Srivaru Wedding Hall in Vanakaram, Chennai. The Chennai High Court has issued an order directing that only 23 of these resolutions be passed and no other resolutions be passed. Edappadi Palanisamy was unable to arrive on time due to the overwhelming welcome given by the volunteers along the way in this environment.

Thus the meeting started late. Meanwhile, supporters of Edappadi Palanisamy and O. Panneerselvam rioted and chanted slogans. As the meeting began, condolences were extended to the late leaders. Then former Minister CV Shanmugam abruptly grabbed the mic and said that the General Assembly would reject all resolutions.

Shame on the OBS in the General Assembly!

Following this, Deputy Coordinator KP Munuswamy said that all the resolutions passed by the General Committee were rejected by all the members of the General Committee. Everyone has demanded a single leadership. He therefore said that all the resolutions would be passed when the next General Assembly convenes in conjunction with the Single Leadership Resolution.

Hearing this, the parties cheered. In this context, the AIADMK has unanimously elected interim leader Tamilmagan Hussain as its leader. Speaking on the occasion, AIADMK Co-ordinator Edappadi Palanisamy announced that Tamilmagan Hussain would be unanimously elected as the Chairman of the General Committee and the Executive Committee. This was facilitated by KP Munuswamy, Deputy Coordinator of the party and Jayakumar, a former minister.

AIADMK General Committee: Sensational scenes immediately!

But only 23 resolutions have to be passed as per the High Court order. Other resolutions should not be passed. So is the election of Tamilmagan Hussein as their leader valid? Has become questionable. In this situation, the next AIADMK general body meeting will be held on July 11, said its leader Tamilmagan Hussain.

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