Honor Killing: Aunt killed Alludi .. Sensational facts in Murali murder case ..

Honor killing in Rapthadu: No matter how hard the police tackle, honor killings do not stop. Recently, the police confirmed that Muralidi was killed in a defamation case in Anantapur Raptadu. Police have arrested eight others, including Murali’s aunt Yashoda, in connection with the case. Yashoda allegedly killed his daughter by giving her Rs 10 lakh supari for inter-caste marriage. Chitra Murali is the only son of Muthialamma and Naganna from Kanaganapally in Sreesatyasai district. He completed his PG and joined the Kia car company at Penukonda. Veena from the same village completed the degree. She got a job as a village woman police officer three years ago and is working in the Elukuntla village secretariat.

Murali and Veena have been in love for some years and got married in June last year. The couple moved to Raptadu, Anantapur district, to live away from adults. He did not leave them alone. While waiting for the bus at Y Junction రా Rapta last Thursday, unidentified persons came in an auto and forcibly took Murali away. Was then murdered.

The corpse was dumped between Linganapalli-Raminepalli villages in Raptadu zone. The police took the case as a challenge and cracked it with a serious focus. Aunt Yashodane was found to be the main accused. Veena claims that their mother murdered Murali because they did not like their love marriage.

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