Himachal Politics: Himachal government makes new appointment, Ritesh Kaprat becomes OSD of CM Sukhu

Himachal Politics: Himachal government makes new appointment, Ritesh Kaprat becomes OSD of CM Sukhu

Himachal Government News: In Himachal Pradesh, a new appointment has been made in the government led by Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu. Under this new appointment, Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu appointed his close aide Ritesh Kapret as the Special Officer for Political Affairs. For a long time the discussions about the appointment of the state were in full swing. These discussions came to an end on the occasion of completion of 100 days of the government.

Kaparet started politics from NSUI 

Ritesh Kaprat will see the coordination of the government with the central organization and regional organization of the Congress and will work to establish coordination between the office bearers of the Congress and the Chief Minister. Ritesh Kapret basically belongs to district Shimla. Kapret started his politics from NSUI as a student of Congress. In the appointments made by Rahul Gandhi against the Congress organization, Ritesh came after being elected as the State General Secretary of the Youth Congress.

Ritesh Kaprat is close to CM Sukhu

Anirudh Singh, Vikramaditya Singh, Raghubir Singh Bali and Ashish Butail, the other elected representatives of the youth organization, are already part of the government headed by Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh. Ritesh Cuprat’s name has also been added to this episode. Kapret has also created history by becoming the President of Shimla Congress Committee at the age of 40. Ritesh Kapret is considered very close to Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh.

Himachal Pradesh assembly elections, Ritesh Kaprat was attached to him as general secretary and was also coordinating all his programs. Ritesh Cuprat is considered the person of the organization. Ritesh Kapret has long organizational experience having worked in various organizations of Congress.

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