Happy News for Ration Card Holders – Tamil Nadu Government Super Announcement!

The Government of Tamil Nadu has announced a scheme to provide cashew nuts instead of rice in the Nilgiris and Dharmapuri districts.

Speaking in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly on April 8, Food Minister Chakrabarty announced the implementation of a scheme to replace 2 kg of cashew and rice per family in the Nilgiris and Dharmapuri districts. Accordingly, a scheme is being implemented to provide cashew nuts in ration shops.

According to a press release issued by the Government of Tamil Nadu:
From 2018, the area under cashew cultivation in Tamil Nadu and the level of production are high. Keshwaragu is mostly produced in Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri, Salem, Thiruvannamalai, Vellore and Tirupati districts. Under this scheme, Nilgiri and Dharmapuri district rice ration card holders can get 2 kg of cashew nuts free of cost at their own discretion instead of rice.

For this, 920 tonnes of cashew nuts are required for the Nilgiris district and 440 tonnes for the Dharmapuri district, for a total of 1,360 tonnes. Wheat is currently being offered at the option of cardholders buying rice at ration shops. Wheat is procured from the Food Corporation of India. Kezhvaraka can also be obtained from the Food Institute of India.
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The wheat allotment can be adjusted accordingly as per the requirement of cashew for this scheme. Make a request to the Food Corporation of India about that. Purchasing cashews instead of wheat is unlikely to incur additional costs. This is because the Food Supply and Consumer Protection Commissioner has said that wheat is being offered at Rs 2 per kg and cashew at Rs 1 per kg through the Food Corporation of India. The government has considered his views carefully.

Accepting it, the Government of Tamil Nadu has given administrative approval for a pilot project to provide 2 kg of cashew per family per month in lieu of rice on a trial basis in the Nilgiris and Dharmapuri districts to ensure nutritional security.
Thus it is stated.

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