Happy Diwali … Veeramani opposite question to EPS who asked MKS!

The debate on the grant request on the Treasury Department took place the day before yesterday (April 4) during the budget session of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly.

Then AIADMK member Natham Viswanathan said, ‘Religious festivals are being held in Tamil Nadu. Stalin, who congratulates all the festivals, should explain why he did not greet only Diwali.

Opposition leader Edappadi Palanisamy continued to press for the same, saying “the chief minister is common to all religions. Why doesn’t he greet all the festivals and only Deepavali? That raised the question.

Responding to a question from EPS, the Chief Minister said, “This is a secular state and because of this they have named their alliance as a secular alliance. Some people are deliberately portraying the DMK as being against spirituality.” This is the Dravidian model rule; We will not submit to anyone. ‘

Why not greet Diwali? – EPS Question
In this situation, Dravidar League leader K. Veeramani has raised a counter question to Edappadi Palanisamy regarding this matter. In this connection he issued a statement saying, ‘We would also like to pose a question to Edappadi Palanisamy who questioned in the Assembly why Chief Minister Stalin did not greet Deepavali.

What is the name of your party? Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam. Has Anna, who is associated with your party’s name, greeted ‘Deepavali’ when they were Chief Minister? Why not say?

The reason is not only the story of the Dravidians being killed, claiming to be ‘monsters, monsters’; ‘Iranyatsatan rolled the earth and hid it in the sea. To recover it Mahavishnu took the form of a pig and went into the sea and reclaimed the earth.
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Then Narakasuran, the child born to Bhumadevi – the pig incarnation Mahavishnu. Krishna killed him. Should the ‘Dravidian Model Rule’ Chief Minister congratulate Deepavali on that day for the irrational and inhumane story?

AIADMK founder MGR has forgotten that his religion is ‘Dravidian religion’? Will you become the voice of the BJP? – Aren’t you ashamed? ‘ That ki. Veeramani has raised the question.