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The heat is mounting on the comments of director Ram Gopal Varma, another name for the controversy. Once again inappropriate comments were made. This time the presidential candidate tweeted with controversial remarks about Draupadi Murmu. If Draupadi is the President then who are the Pandavas? Most importantly, he made an offensive tweet about who the heirs are. This tweet is going tribe viral on social media. BJP leaders are already fuming over comets made by RGV. Now the latest BJP MP GVL Narasimha Rao (GVL Narasimha Rao) has spoken. RGV was warned not to cross the target line. Cheap criticism of the presidential candidate is appropriate. The sentiments of the people were hurt. It was suggested that a full stop be put to this dispute.

He said it was incorrect to comment that the presidential candidate was not selected as they had hoped to divide the country. The Telugu man is happy to be the President, but he reminded that there is a nationwide outcry over the choice of Draupadi Murmu. She said her candidature was welcomed by several political parties. Dheema expressed that with the support seen during the nomination today, it is clear that our candidate will win comfortably.

BJP leaders Gudur Narayana Reddy and Nandeeshwar Gowda lodged a complaint at the Abids police station over the RGV tweet. The complaint alleges that Verma tweeted to denigrate NDA presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu. Abids asked the police to register an SCST atrocity case against Rangopal Verma. The BJP has demanded that stern action be taken against Varma for making inappropriate comments towards a woman. On the other hand, BJP MLA Rajasinghe criticized Verma as a waste fellow. They said the police would definitely take action on the complaint.

RGV Another tweet ..

On the other hand, Varma, whose tongue was bitten by a controversy over his tweet, tried to end the controversy with another tweet. He tweeted that he had no malice and that his favorite character in the Mahabharata was Draupadi. The name Draupadi is very rare and the other characters associated with the name are remembered when one hears the name, the tweet said. He said it was not his intention to hurt anyone’s sentiment.

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