Government fails to prevent online casino casualties – Anbumani accused!

Anbumani Ramadoss, youth leader of the Proletarian People’s Party, has urged the government to pass an amended ban on online gambling.

Saravanakumar, who was serving in the Armed Forces in Avadi, Tiruvallur district, shot himself yesterday. Saravanakumar is said to have committed suicide after losing a lot of money in online gambling. It is noteworthy that the marriage to Saravanakumar, who committed suicide, took place only six months ago. Many are demanding that the government bring in a ban on life-threatening gambling.

Pamaka youth leader Anbumani Ramadas has urged the government to implement the amended ban on online gambling. According to a post he posted on the social networking site Twitter:
‘Shawarma’ banned in Tamil Nadu – Minister M.S.
Armed policeman Saravanakumar, who was on security duty at the Central Government office in Ambattur, Chennai, has shot himself. I extend my deepest condolences and sympathies to his family.

Policeman Saravanakumar is said to be addicted to online gambling, losing huge sums of money and incurring millions of rupees in debt and committing suicide. There can be no more atrocities than this.

More than 20 people have committed suicide in the past nine months after the High Court ruled last August that the online gambling ban was invalid. Every casualty is mind boggling. But the government is failing to prevent casualties.

No one in Tamil Nadu should die for online gambling anymore. If that happens then it will be a blow to the DMK government. Therefore, the government should pass the amended online gambling ban law without relying on further appeal.
Thus it is mentioned.