Ganapayya was punished and did a great job .. This is the style of stealing ..! Hateful video

A man who was lazy to work hard became addicted to stealing. Although he thought that if he went into the houses, he would be caught by someone and worshiped, he chose a temple to steal. He left the retailer in the hundi as if he had put aside the food he did not like at the meal and snatched the notes. However, the entire theft scene of the robbery was recorded on the CCTV camera of the temple. However, here is another interesting scene. That is, the thief feared God no matter how clockwise. It is not known whether he was haunted by piety or pious, but the thief begged God to forgive him after the theft. The incident took place at the Vigneswaraswamy Temple in Thimmapuram, Dwarakathirumala Mandal.

Bhimadolu- Visvesvaraya Swamy Temple is located near Thimmapuram on the main road of Dwarakathirumala. However, a thief broke the doors of the temple with a dome and entered the temple in the middle of the night. He opened the hundi, selected the cash and sat down and counted it. He took the notes and put the retail money back to God. Moreover, before leaving, he bowed down to the Lord in such a way that God would forgive his sins and fled from there. The entire scene was recorded on a CCTV camera in the temple. The video is currently going viral on social media.

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