Former minister Vellampalli is angry with a young man who was questioned on the occasion of Gadapa Gadapa

People are showing the dots to the YCP leaders in our government agenda for Gadapa Gadapa. The beating alone seems to have gone low. That leader..not this leader, everyone is facing bitter experiences. Leaders outside say that the event is going well, that people everywhere are applauding, and again saying that Jagan wants the government but what happened there can not be said for voting for your government. Many such incidents have already taken place.

Going into details ..

Nagababu, a youth from the 50th Division, said that he had been working in Chennai for some time and was burdening the state with garbage like nowhere else in the country. Vellampalli replied that the tax burden was not theirs .. The central government had imposed it .. Tamil Nadu was also a part of the country and the young Nagababu deposed Vellampalli saying that the tax burden was not there. Nagababu also referred to allegations of corruption being made by the Opposition against Vellampalli at a time when the situation was becoming tense. “You have Rs. What is the response to the criticism that Rs 1,500 crore has been embezzled? ” The young man questioned the former minister.

Vellampalli was angry with this .. “What do those in Chennai have to do with you here? Talk about corruption and you will be prosecuted. CI .. come like this. If you do not prove the allegations of corruption against me, file a case against this young man immediately. ” They issued a hook to the local CIA and left. Police immediately arrested Nagababu and rushed him to the Two Town Police Station. On learning of this, the Janasena party leader went to the Pothina Mahesh station and released Nagababu.

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