Farmers Market- World Market; Farmers-Traders: Minister MRK Punch!

Tamil Nadu Agriculture – Agrarian Welfare Minister MRK Panneersellam today (20.6.2022) inspected the activities of the set scale business entities engaged in the task of setting up agri-producer companies in the office of the Department of Agricultural Marketing and Agri-Commerce.

Speaking at the review meeting, Minister MRK said, “The government is undertaking various activities to improve the living standards of farmers in Tamil Nadu.

The Department of Agro-Agrarian Welfare has been working with the main objective of taking the farmers market to the world market and transforming the farmers into traders.

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There are currently about 903 agro-manufacturing companies operating in Tamil Nadu. Nevertheless, the activities of these companies need to be further enhanced by the commitment of the business community based on the package. Acting with the vision of agrarian production companies will greatly help the development of farmers.

The Government of Tamil Nadu has allocated Rs. 2 crore to provide training to agrarian companies. Trainings are currently being conducted in each district. Representatives of agro-manufacturing companies should attend and benefit from these trainings.
. Chief Minister Stalin called the Chief Minister of Kerala and thanked him!
The scheme is being implemented for the benefit of agro-producer companies in the food processing scheme as well. 35 per cent subsidy in the project concept up to a maximum grant of Rs. 10 lakhs can be obtained. This should be utilized extensively by agrarian production companies.

Similarly, a maximum of 35 per cent subsidy for general infrastructure can be obtained up to Rs 3 crore, ”said Minister MRK Panneerselvam.

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