EXCLUSIVE: It is true that my father was with Sasikala Pushpa – Surya Siva, son of Trichy Siva!

Surya, son of DMK MP Trichy Siva, has said that the news that he is going to join the BJP is true.

Surya, son of Trichy Siva, a member of the DMK Parliamentary State Council and one of the senior leaders, had posted on the Tamil website at the time that the BJP had an internet presence. We were informed that he had taken this decision out of frustration that he had not received due recognition in the DMK.

In this case, we contacted Surya, the son of Trichy Siva, on the phone. Then he shared various information with us. He also gave us various important information. We will see it now.

Question: Your father Trichy Siva was given due recognition in the party, whether he was in power or not. Positions including MP were awarded. In this situation, why did you decide to internet in BJP?

Answer: The main reason why this affair is talked about is because Trichy is the son of Siva. I have been talking to him for about 10 years. I told reporters many years ago that my wife had received death threats because I was married to a Christian woman. It has also appeared in newspapers. He has had no negotiations since then. He has nothing to do with it.

Dad was one of the reasons I came out of DMK. Prevents me from getting identified. Stops me. He frustrates me by thinking that I am disputing the accusations against him. The incidents in the Sasikala Pushpa affair are all true. No action was taken against him. There are sexual complaints against many in the DMK. Big black, Tamil Prasanna, Parivendar, my dad (Trichy Siva) all their videos have come to the public site. What action was taken against them?
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Family controversy also erupts within the party when we angrily ask what you give us when you give everything to those who have been sexually abused. Another, I don’t like him because I depend on Kanimozhi. For him, Kanimozhi will not be. Udayanidhi, Kanimozhi politics is different. Of these, depending on Kanimozhi I was at the party for 10 years. We worked hard for the party. But these are all reasons for omission.

Question: What kind of impact do you think your father (Trichy Siva) will have because you have internet in BJP?

Answer: If the damage is to be done it must have been caused from where I was. I did not come for the impact. I have come out for my own benefit. Must be in public life from birth; The idea of ​​helping people came to me.

Question: Are you saying Dad did nothing for you?

Answer: Yes .. Dad did nothing. The reason why Ponmudi’s son gave the post to Thuraimurugan’s son was with the intention of bringing Udayanidhi inside. For example, in the Vellore Lok Sabha constituency, about 70 people are petitioning for a seat for Thuraimurugan’s son.

Dissatisfied that this had happened without his knowledge, Stalin allocated the constituency to the Coalition Party. He also says OK to let the artist know this. There, they deliberately defeat the candidate. In the subsequent Lok Sabha elections, the same constituency was given to Thuraimurugan’s son. After independence, the history of MP elections due to money is only here. Even then the DMK did not change the candidate.
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Question: Why did Trichy Siva not like Kanimozhi?

Answer: My father is a senior politician. Chairman of the Rajya Sabha Committee. Other MPs can only speak if he gives permission. Even if he is the daughter of the leader, he will not give permission .. He will think of scoring … I have been with Kanimozhi for 10 years. Why should I abuse my dad? A lot of people have even asked me why you talk like this about Dad. Kanimozhi is going to rule DMK. this is the truth.

Question: What was the reason for joining the BJP?

Answer: The future of Tamil Nadu is BJP. In 2024, Modi will be the Prime Minister again. The BJP will win more MPs in Tamil Nadu in the next elections. The DMK will be disgraced in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Question: Did you meet BJP leader Annamalai?

Answer: Annamalai is coming to Madurai only on the 10th. Since he is currently in Kerala the merger will happen when he comes to Madurai.

Question: What is the reason for key executives to go to the BJP apart from the AIADMK?
Answer: The BJP is where it can come to power. The AIADMK is run by the BJP. So instead of talking to the child (AIADMK), it is not possible to talk to the father (BJP) …

Question: About the one year rule of DMK …
Answer: People have the appearance of being fair. That is not true; Acting. Many of the promises made in the election were not fulfilled. The parties, the general public are dissatisfied.