Everything is fake; 117 companies trapped – TNPCB in shock!

The Pollution Control Board is enforcing legal provisions related to water, air and environmental protection in Tamil Nadu. It is therefore important to ensure that every factory operates in accordance with these legal provisions. Pollution Control Board officials will inspect and certify for this. Companies are also required to submit certain documents through the auditor. A recent inquiry by the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board has revealed shocking information. That is, some of the engineers and officials of the Pollution Control Board, in conjunction with the plant owners and auditors, have been deceived into accounting forged inspection evidence.

Arrangements have thus been made for companies to pay a much lower fee. It is noteworthy that the first few lines and the names of the auditors in all the evidence available in this regard are identical as if they had been copied. Those involved in the scandal include hospitals, star hotels, leather and cargo companies.

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Most of these hospitals and star hotels have underestimated the total fixed asset value known as GFA. For example, in 2016 it was Rs. 58 lakhs and in the recently filed documents it has been mentioned as Rs. 24 lakhs. Under Rule 21 of the Air (Pollution Prevention and Control) Act, all companies must accurately state the value of their building, including machinery, in their GFA certification.

This will be confirmed from the auditor certificate or balance sheet information. This certificate will only be submitted by the companies. The license fee will be finalized on this basis. For example, small companies with a company value of less than Rs 5 crore have to pay Rs 38,750 for 2 years. Subsequently, those between Rs 5 crore and Rs 10 crore will be considered as medium enterprises and those above Rs 10 crore as large companies.

These have to pay the appropriate fee from time to time according to their value. If found guilty, the company’s directors face up to three months in prison or a fine of up to 10,000 rupees. Currently, 117 companies have given false credentials in the matter of inspection certificates issued in this regard and have violated the environmental and pollution control rules.
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All these are currently under the close supervision of the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board. Notice has been sent to the concerned companies seeking clarification. An inquiry has been ordered into the abuse and action has been taken to expedite the payment of the amount immediately. Meanwhile, when it comes to investigating who the auditors are who are featured in the fake evidence, it is even more shocking that they are all fake individuals.