EPS may have the power to lead the superpower: OPS supporter Maitreyan credited!

As the demand for a single leadership in the AIADMK grows stronger, support for the EPS is growing among party executives. The highlight of the ongoing intra-party politics in the AIADMK is that many of the OPS supporters are now supporting the EPS.

The main feature of this today is the so-called supporter of the OPS. Maitreyan, a former AIADMK MP, met him today at his EPS residence on Greenway Road in Chennai and expressed his support. He later told reporters:

Jayalalithaa said that AIADMK will be the AIADMK people’s movement for 100 years behind me. Accordingly, Edappadi Palanisamy is the only leader who is qualified and energetic.

On the basis of the AIADMK Democratic Movement, 100 to 99 percent of the General Committee members have decided to accept Edappadi Palanisamy as the sole leader.

We hope that Edappadi Palanisamy will give a firm and strong leadership. What is the responsibility of the single leadership will be revealed in the General Committee tomorrow. The decision of the General Assembly is final. Maitreyan said Sasikala’s role in the AIADMK was not known.

Mafa Pandiyarajan, a former AIADMK minister and a well-known OBS supporter, met EPS yesterday and expressed his support, while Maitreyan, another supporter of the OBS, also met EPS today and expressed support.

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