EPS is the one who was made the Chief Minister by Sasikala … OBS Open Talk!

With the AIADMK general body meeting coming up soon, the demand for a single leadership for the party has intensified. It seems that O. Panneerselvam’s party is trying to resolve this issue before the general body meeting (June 23). Highlights from OBS ‘interview to a popular private TV channel on the single leadership issue that has been stirring up controversy in Tamil Nadu politics for the past few days:

A meeting of the chief executives was held recently in connection with the party’s general meeting. Issues such as sending invitations to the General Committee and whether or not to invite special invitees to the meeting were discussed at the meeting.

Then some district secretaries raised the demand for a single leadership. Of them, only Agri Krishnamurthy supported EPS. None of the other executives mentioned that he was the one who should accept the single leadership. More than 2,600 people have been invited to attend the public meeting. It would not be right to talk about this matter among them. I said that after the conclusion of the General Committee, a High Level Committee could be set up to discuss and decide on a single leadership. I was told not to tell anyone outside about this.

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But, beyond my speech, Jayakumar exposed this matter which was discussed inside. I don’t know why he did that. But what he did was wrong. When the Rajya Sabha seat was decided for whom, it was only after deciding the candidate on my behalf. CV Shanmugam’s name was announced as the candidate on behalf of EPS. They did not propose Jayakumar’s name or Rajan Sellappa’s party name. I also did not say that Jayakumar should not be given the post of MP.

After Edappadi Palanisamy becomes the Chief Minister, he will take care of the regime; They were the ones who told you to take care of the party. Well we have already been Chief Minister twice … Well let him take care of the whole regime … The first thing I said was that I do not want the post of Deputy Chief Minister.

Then a few days later, they were the ones who said that EPS wanted their contribution in the party and therefore, you should be the coordinator of the AIADMK (OPS) and the OBS should be the co-coordinator.

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When Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy took charge and demanded a vote of confidence in the Assembly, 11 of my supporting MLAs voted against the EPS. We voted against EPS to show our opposition as the EPS side acted in favor of Sasikala while we were conducting the Dharmayutham then.

But that is all, when DTV Dhinakaran came up with a no-confidence motion with the MLAs in their support against the EPS-led regime, we supported the EPS and defended the regime with the sole aim of not allowing the DMK to rule and save the AIADMK regime.

Saying that Sasikala should be reinstated in the party is not something anti-national. Everyone knows who he (EPS) was first. He can be said to have become the Chief Minister with the support of the MLAs even if he wanted to. But, this world says that he became the first by Sasikala. There are scenes and witnesses to it. No one can deny this fact. O. Panneerselvam has publicly stated that this is the truth despite the denial.

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