Election promises … BJP L Murugan public accusation against DMK!

Union Home Minister L Murugan, who was in Salem to attend the wedding of BJP state vice president Ramalingam, greeted the bride and groom. Following this he met with reporters.

He then said that it has been eight years since the BJP came to power and the BJP has done in the last 8 years what the Congress has not done for many years. It is the dream home of every people. With this in mind, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is fulfilling this dream of the people of the country.

It was reported that the BJP would come to power and build a Ram temple in Ayodhya. Similarly, the Ram Temple is currently under construction there. Similarly, the BJP government has dismantled the Muthalak practice against women in the Muslim community.

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But the DMK regime has so far failed to deliver on various election promises, including a monthly stipend of Rs 1,000 for women and an education loan for students.

Diesel prices have not been reduced as promised during the election. L. Murugan has openly accused the DMK, which came to power by misleading the people as a whole, of not fulfilling any of its election promises.

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