ECR Road is no longer ‘Muthamizharinjar Artist Road’!

The Coral Festival of the State Highways Department was held at Chennai Kindi today. Participating in the function, the Chief Minister visited an exhibition organized on behalf of MK Stalin’s Highways Department.

He then inaugurated the Coral Festival Memorial of the Highway Department. He also laid the foundation stone for various road and bridge works in the state.

In Kanyakumari, Chief Minister Stalin laid the foundation stone for a fiberglass walkway connecting the Thiruvalluvar statue and the Vivekananda rock.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister said, ‘The goal of the Government of Tamil Nadu is to build quality roads. Chennai Anna flyover is the standard flyover in the country.

Former Chief Minister Karunanidhi has set up a research institute for highways in India. Chennai East Coast Road will henceforth be known as the ‘Muthamizharinjar Artist Road’.

The Tamil Nadu Highways Department was established in 1946 and has completed 75 years. If there is such a development in the infrastructure of Tamil Nadu, it is entirely because of the highway sector.

In 1954, it established the Highways Department Research Station in Tamil Nadu and is proud to be the first state level Highway Research Station in India. This is a model research center for India. I urge you to make this research station world class as soon as possible.

A separate ministry for highways was established in 1998. It was created by Muthamizhari leader artist. The artist is the one who excels in any field. ‘

Ministers EV Velu, Ma Subramanian and Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu Irayanpu were also present on the occasion.