Early summer vacation for schools – Government of Tamil Nadu announces!

Tamil Nadu School Education Minister Anbil Mahesh has lied that he has decided to give holidays to schools in advance as the impact of the heat is high in Tamil Nadu at present.

In Tamil Nadu, following the reduction in the impact of the third wave of corona infection, schools have been reopened and lessons for all classes have been conducted since February 1 following the corona prevention measures. Currently, the school education department is actively preparing for the general examination. The general examination for 10th class students is scheduled to start on the 6th, while for the 12th class students it is scheduled to start on the 5th.

Meanwhile, the temperature in Tamil Nadu is rising day by day. Districts including Vellore, Chennai, Kanchipuram and Tirupati are most affected by the summer sun. Temperatures of about 100 degrees Fahrenheit are being reported. Due to this, we had posted on our “Samayam Tamil” website that schools would be given summer vacations in advance.
Schools to be closed again in Tamil Nadu – What decision will the government take?
In this situation, due to the heat wave, the schools have decided to give an early holiday, said the Minister of Tamil Nadu School Education Anbil Mahesh Poyamozhi.

He told reporters:
Due to the high summer sun in Tamil Nadu, the announcement of the holiday will be made soon. A decision will be made in the interest of the students and a notice will be issued shortly.
A positive response will soon come to them so that students are not affected by the heat.
Happy News for Students – Minister Super Announcement!
During the Corona period, schools did not run for many days and students were unable to complete their lessons. In some states, the decision to open or close schools will be made on the advice of medical experts as the corona spreads. The reason for the clashes between the students was that the schools were not functioning during the Corona period.
Thus he said.