E.P. blinking at night. Department … Public angry over dawn government!

Since summer, the use of electricity has increased more than usual in all residences, private companies and factories.

The government is ready to buy the much-needed electricity in the summer at a plunder price. However, various practical problems persist in the distribution of electricity (power distribution).

Lack of proper maintenance of every condition such as transformers from substations, transformer to junction boxes, cables going from junction box to houses, power outages occur due to reasons such as transformers exploding and cables not being able to withstand the load when the power consumption in the apartments increases at midnight.

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It has become a daily occurrence for the sleep-deprived public to phone the electricity office in their area in anger and go in person and engage in arguments with the staff.

‘Sir … support the cable load … arrange the replacement as much as possible.

-Did you know that Summerla Current is overused? – Cable load tangalanna answer without hesitation? – Current Bill Katlanna only does not seem to cut the connection the next day! It has been a regular occurrence for the public to engage in arguments with power plant employees in the wake of that midnight sleep deprivation.

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Therefore, the Government of Tamil Nadu should take action on a wartime basis to eliminate various practical problems in power distribution. Otherwise, it is only a matter of time before the public’s dissatisfaction with the state of the dawn, caused by the midnight power outage, wakes up and turns into a rage.