DTV support for OBS … Jayakumar review!

Former Minister T. Jayakumar Ajaragi today signed the case at the Central Criminal Division in the Chennai Police Commissioner’s Office. He later told reporters:

The DMK government has filed various cases against me in retaliation. Thus they have a paltry desire that I will become depressed. I will not worry about that. I am ready to sign even in all the police stations in Tamil Nadu.

Single leadership in the AIADMK is the imperative of the times. That is, time will tell. The idea of ​​grassroots volunteers, district secretaries, and club administrators in general has been one of leadership.

It reflects the present; There is no motive in this. I did not mention anyone. This will be decided by the General Assembly. The general meeting will be held as planned. There will be a smooth end to it.

AIADMK general body will go as planned: EPS action!
Some people say misconceptions about me. I have seen so many posts. I have no desire for position. We have a policy of eradicating the family politics of the evil Karunanidhi. On that basis the party is important to us. Position does not matter. I do not aspire to any position. I will be bound by any decision taken by the party.

After Jayalalithaa’s demise, there were many problems with the Chief Ministerial candidate and the Leader of the Opposition. There was a social solution to all those problems. Similarly good results will be achieved by the General Assembly for the current single leadership demand.

Rest not us; Just two more days: Chief Stalin’s information!
Not affiliated with the Sasikala Party. I don’t want to talk about them at all. OBS is my friend. DTV Dinakaran said that action should be taken to the extent that his mind is not remorseful. It’s like a wolf crying that a goat is getting wet. It’s like the butcher is looking at the right time.

DTV Dhinakaran says that the AIADMK is running for business purposes. He (DTV Dhinakaran) is a political businessman. Jayakumar said that reflected his intention.

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