Doctor murder case … First class prisoner sentenced to death!

Ponnusamy’s wife, Mary Pushpam, mercenary kabaddi player, Ponnusamy, lawyer Basil, William, Dr. James Satishkumar, engineer Boris, Murugan, Selvaprakash, seven were sentenced to death in the 2013 murder case of Dr. Subbaiah in Chennai due to a land dispute. Asurajan was also sentenced to double life imprisonment.

The case related to confirmation of death sentence has been referred to the Chennai High Court. Appeals against the sentence have also been filed. The cases are pending before a bench headed by Justice BN Prakash.

Meanwhile, Dr. James Satish Kumar, who is serving a death sentence, had filed a petition in the High Court seeking an order from the Superintendent of Prisons to give him first class in prison.

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The petition came up for hearing in a session comprising Justices BN Prakash and AA Nakkeeran. At that time, the Tamil Nadu government protested that the first class could not be given, claiming that it was prohibited under Tamil Nadu prison rules to give first class to a person involved in a crime.

The judges, however, closed the petition, recommending that the state grant him first class in prison as the petitioner was a doctor and the appeal against the death sentence was still pending.