Do you do politics with devotion? -DMK Minister who slammed BJP!

Minister Zakir Babu inaugurated the battery vehicle for the devotees at the Pattiswarar Temple in Coimbatore and later inspected it. He later told reporters:

A united rule for all as atheists, atheists. The Dravidian model of rule is the name of this regime. The rule of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is the golden rule in the history of Tirukoil

I have been inspecting every temple as per the order of the Chief Minister to repair the basic facilities for the devotees. The Vellingiri hill climb is a new experience. The more air there is, the more cold there is. In some places it is difficult to climb the steep mountain path.

New deadline for DMK; BJP again!
The Chief Minister has announced that rope cars will be set up for the Anuvavi Murugan Temple and the Palani Idumban Hill Temple which were not mentioned in the election manifesto. A feasibility study has been obtained. Sehgar Babu said arrangements were being made to set up breastfeeding rooms in temples where more devotees come.

Asked about the lifting of the ballot box to Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai Adhinam, he said, ‘This regime is a regime that provides basic facilities to the devotees.

‘DMK paragraph is jail!’ – Jayakumar trembling with fear
We will never accept doing politics with devotion. I do not want to answer about those who are going to be the uninvited guest in the house. He can only come if the Lord calls; You can’t come without calling ‘Annamalai replied.