‘Do this before writing a letter’ – Annamalai Advice to Stalin!

According to a statement issued by Tamil Nadu BJP leader K. Annamalai:
To the warm attention of His Excellency Chief Minister Stalin, it was announced on May 22 last that the Inter-State Council, chaired by His Excellency the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and headed by Home Minister Amit Shah, be reconstituted.

The Inter-State Council will have all the Chief Ministers and six Union Ministers as members. About a month after the Federal Government’s announcement was made, a letter was sent from their office to the Prime Minister, without knowing the facts contained in the announcement, with half-hearted information, asking for procedures that had not yet been implemented.

Instead of constructive action plans, their interest in declaration politics is evident through this letter. You mentioned in your letter that this council was started in 1990. Have you forgotten in the blink of an eye that this council has met only 11 times in the last 31 years since then? No. Hidden for excitement?

There is one very important piece of information that they need to know before making a request to this council even three times a year. They did not convene this meeting even once during their DMK tenure, which lasted from 2006 to 2014 when the DMK was in power in Tamil Nadu and held ministerial posts in key departments in the DMK central government along with the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Congress.
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That is, I would like to remind them that the DMK-Congress coalition government closed the council without making any attempt to convene an inter-state council meeting when the DMK was in power in the Center and the state. The inter-state council system, which was abandoned by the DMK-Congress coalition government, was formed by the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi 16.7. Resurrected in 2016.

During the last eight years of the National Democratic Alliance’s rule, many new inter-state councils have been formed by the federal government, and the federal government has been paying more attention to upholding the rights of the states and ensuring their contribution to the states, listening to the views of all state governments. There can be no better example than this of the best federal philosophy. But it is amusing that the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK ministers, who regularly skip inter-state council meetings called by the central government, are taking classes on federalism.

We are keeping a list of the inter-state council meetings that the Government of Tamil Nadu has boycotted in the last one year for their perusal. May 17, 2021 Meeting of the Minister of Human Resource Development, Govt-19, and a meeting of all state education secretaries to discuss the activities of online education and NEP; September 17, 2021 GST Council Meeting; April 27, 2022 All Chiefs Online Meeting to discuss Govt-19,
April 30, 2022 The 39th Joint Conference attended by all Chief Ministers and Chief Justices – Chief Justice of India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi;
June 1, 2022 Conference for Ministers to discuss NEP 2020 in Gujarat.
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All these meetings convened by the Central Government have been avoided by you, your Ministers or the Secretaries of the Departments concerned for trivial reasons. At the same time, it is a betrayal of our state. We were advised that it was a stumbling block to the development of our state.

I hope you will follow the advice they give with interest to others. So try to attend without missing new reasons and avoid inter-state council meetings that the federal government no longer calls. Before the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu writes a request letter, spend a few minutes trying to find out what is being written in it. A handful of ministers around themselves use it only to advertise on social media.
Thus it is stated.

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