‘DMK in theft work!’ – Annamalai warning to Stalin!

Tamil Nadu BJP leader K Annamalai has criticized the DMK government led by Chief Minister MK Stalin.

BJP state president visited Annamalai today to pay obeisance to Swami at Palani Murugan Temple in Dindigul district. Following this, Annamalai told reporters:
The BJP will not allow all the parties that opposed the formation of Walmart during the last AIADMK regime to lay a single brick on Lulu Mall in Tamil Nadu, even though it is now silent on the Lulu issue.

We will not welcome Lulu Market, which will affect roadside vendors and small traders. Everyone will be affected by this company, including my brother who owns a roadside grocery store, my sister who owns a flower shop, and my brother who runs a small business. So the BJP will not allow it.

The Governor of Tamil Nadu is no ordinary man. He has 35 years of experience in the intelligence service. There is nothing wrong with saying that he was the governor of Nagaland. No one who has seen the activities of the Popular Front of India, especially in Kerala, will deny the Governor’s opinion.
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The DMK government has started work to shift the Tamil Nadu Assembly to Mahabalipuram. For this, the government has purchased 6,000 acres of land and started the assembly work. The DMK has been doing some theft work so that the BJP will oppose this. Land has been purchased to set up a DMK office there. Four members of the DMK’s Gopalapuram family are trying to form a new assembly to make money. The BJP will never allow that. So the announcement of the new legislature may come at any time.
Thus he said.