DGP Silent Babu’s order – lost officers!

Tamil Nadu DGP Silenthra Babu has issued an important order to the Zonal Police Chiefs and all Police Inspectors.

The budget session for the financial year 2022-2023 is being held in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly. With the budget tabled, discussions are currently underway on grant requests from various sectors. Relevant departmental ministers are responding to questions raised by members of the legislature.

In this case, on the 9th and 10th, the discussion on the police grant request is to be held again. By then, the guards’ demands are expected to be met.
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Tamil Nadu DGP Silenthra Babu has sent an important circular to the police in this regard. Accordingly, how many people in Tamil Nadu have benefited from the one-day weekend given to the police? How many people are using the holidays regularly? He has issued an order stating how many people have taken leave and sending it to the headquarters. It is also advised to send an e-mail to the headquarters immediately.

In addition, DGP Silenthra Babu has directed that a report be prepared on any of the petitions received from the police department as per the plan of the Chief Minister in your department and it should be forwarded to the headquarters as soon as possible. It has been reported that the police department has been asked for these details in preparation for the forthcoming grant application.