Delhi: Eunuchs stopped the vehicle returning with the bride on the green signal, then what happened?

Delhi: Eunuchs stopped the vehicle returning with the bride on the green signal, then what happened?

Delhi News: On the streets of Delhi, you will often see a group of eunuchs who surround the people walking on the road and demand money from them. These days these groups are more active around the traffic lights of Delhi, where as soon as the vehicles slow down, they surround them and then start demanding money. Sometimes they demand so much money that sometimes people get annoyed with them.

Transgenders surrounded the car returning with the bride
Something similar was seen this morning near the traffic light of ITO where eunuchs surrounded a vehicle returning with the bride and demanded money. Started demanding Meanwhile, the signal also turned green, despite this they did not allow the vehicle to move, after which the groom sitting inside the vehicle came out and sought help from the policemen sitting in the PCR van parked on the other side of the road.

Transgender did not agree even after police explained
 The limit was reached when even after persuasion and request of the policemen, the demanders did not allow the bride and groom’s vehicle to move. And started arguing with the policemen. Meanwhile, somehow the police got his vehicle extended from there. The video of this incident is becoming quite viral on Twitter, after seeing which many people have also commented on it. In most of the comments one could see only the anger of the people towards these demands.

New vehicles cause more trouble to newly married people
Today when this incident came to light, its video was shared, many people also commented on the video, but before This too did not go unnoticed and perhaps that’s why now these demanders have openly started doing such audacity which sometimes becomes a cause of problems for the people. They bother more those people who are coming with a new bike or those who are married or those who have gone out with the family.

Their number is increasing continuously
Slowly the trend of demanding them and their number is increasing. Whenever they want, they start demanding from people everywhere. Whether it is a small vehicle running on the road or a bus, or why are you traveling by train only. You find these transgenders asking everywhere. On not giving money, they surround people in groups and force them to give money.

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