Death of Panchayat Secretary; Pakir club letter .. Case against DMK councilor!

Rajasekar (age 39), who was working as a secretary in Ramanayinikuppam panchayat near Odugathur under the Vellore district dam union, committed suicide by hanging himself at home after writing a letter the day before yesterday.

What did Rajasekar say in his letter?
“Wife Gandhimati forgive me, I will leave you. Take care of the child safely. DMK Union Councilor Hari is responsible for my decision. There is no other reason.

Also, he has been harassing me by telling the regional development officer that he would fire me and hire the vice president’s son for this job. Thus none of my relatives and friends are responsible for my decision. DMK councilor Hari is the only reason, ”it said.
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Following this, Rajasekaran’s wife and his relatives staged a sit-in protest against the Veppankuppam police station demanding the arrest of DMK Union Councilor Hari. They also detained a passing government bus and chanted slogans against the police. Later, Gandhi formally lodged a complaint with the police after negotiations.

Based on the complaint, a case has been registered against DMK Union Councilor Hari. It has also been reported that the police have set up a special unit to arrest him.

At the same time, it is said that there is a money laundering complaint against the deceased Rajasekar. It is said that Rajasekar committed suicide when the Regional Development Officer summoned him for questioning. Thus, the police are investigating from that angle as well.
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However, political observers have suggested that the DMK councilor’s involvement in the civil servant’s suicide case could lead to a crisis for the state, with opposition parties likely to raise the banner.