Danger to Tamil Nadu due to Sri Lankan violence? – Federal Government Warning!

The Union Home Ministry has warned that anti-national forces are likely to infiltrate Tamil Nadu as violence continues in Sri Lanka.

In neighboring Sri Lanka, fierce struggles are taking place against the ruling government. With the country facing an unprecedented economic crisis, prices of essential commodities, including petrol, diesel and cooking gas, have skyrocketed.

The general public is protesting, claiming that President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and his family members in power are to blame. Rajapaksa supporters staged a protest against the recent public protests. Moreover, they attacked those who were protesting against the government.

The enraged protesters attacked Rajapaksa supporters and chased them away. Also, protesters set fire to the houses of members of the ruling party. Meanwhile, Mahinda Rajapaksa has resigned as prime minister, left government office and is hiding in Trincomalee. Currently, there is violence all over Sri Lanka.
We will not send troops to Sri Lanka: India definitely!
In this context, the Union Home Ministry has instructed the Tamil Nadu Police and Security Council to strengthen surveillance in coastal districts to prevent the infiltration of anti-national forces. Coastal areas of Tamil Nadu should be kept under intense surveillance; 58 prisoners who escaped from Sri Lanka are likely to enter Tamil Nadu by sea; LTTE gangs are likely to enter India by sea; The Union Home Ministry has instructed the Government of Tamil Nadu to strengthen security in view of the extraordinary situation prevailing in Sri Lanka.