Corona impact that crossed the AYR in a single day … only half in the capital!

The Corona Third Wave has been curtailed by a series of actions by federal and state governments, and since last February school and college students and the general public have returned to normal life.

Schools are currently reopening for school students after the end of the year-end exam and summer vacation. The school education department has announced that full lessons will be conducted for all class students this academic year.

In this situation, the incidence of corona in Tamil Nadu has been increasing significantly over the last one week. In the state yesterday alone, 771 people were newly diagnosed with the disease. Currently this number is over a thousand. That means 1,063 new cases have been detected in various districts in the last 24 hours.

Corona slowly rising again … this time the capital is like Target!
Of these, almost 50 per cent in the Chennai district alone, or up to 500, are new entrants to the corona. In the neighboring district of Chengalpattu, next to Chennai, 160 people were infected in a single day today.

As of now, a total of 5,174 people are being treated for corona at various hospitals across the state. 567 have been discharged. Although the number of people infected is increasing day by day, it is only a matter of consolation that no one has fallen victim to corona today.

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