Church Prasad Rao Murder: Murder .. Suicide ..? Twists upon twists in the case of the church attendant ‘death ..

The issue of bishops has been the subject of controversy in the Basilica for many years. The issue of lease of lands under CSI is also being debated. Prasadarao opposed putting a bar on the church premises. Prasad Rao had earlier lodged a complaint with the police alleging that he had been harassed for 35 years without being paid. The complaint stated that his wife and daughter, who were already in custody, had died. Prasadarao’s family members allege that the party killed him. Twists upon twists are coming to light in the case of the death of Vijayawada Basilica Church attendant Prasad Rao. Prasadaru’s family members allege that it was murder, not suicide. There are many suspicions about his death.

Our father told us he was dead in church. But as we were leaving, Prasad Rao’s family members were questioning why the body had been removed from the spot. The moderator is demanding a comprehensive inquiry into the death of his daughter, son-in-law Prasad Rao, who said he had doubts about Goa’s divine blessings. What actually happened ..? Prasadaravudi murder ..? Suicide ..? Our spokesman Ram will provide more information on whether he is a family man.

Prasadarao’s daughter is accused of harassing her for 35 years without paying her salary. It is alleged that the compliant had given a lot of money to come from CSI. It is suspected that Prasadarao was severely beaten and hanged. Goa is said to give compliant‌ on divinity.

People close to Prasad Rao say he is not shy enough to commit suicide. The Dalits seem to be worried if the facts are not settled. Prasadarao has already complied to get a lot of money from CSI. Police say that action was taken against the complainant. Prasad Rao also called a CSI representative but did not attend the hearing. Police have registered a case of suspicious death..murder ..? Mourning in the sense of suicide.

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