Chintakayala Vijay, the son of Ayyannapatra who landed for initiation

TDP called for the Chalo Narsipatnam program

Narsipatnam: TDP senior leader Ayyannapatra’s party ranks are incensed over the demolition of his house wall. Against this backdrop, the TDP ranks called for the Chalo Narsipatnam program to protest the demolition of the wall, attacks on BCs and killings. Condemning the government’s attitude, Ayyannapatra’s son Chintakayala Vijay Deeksha went to Narsipatnam. He sat for initiation in a camp set up at their home. Meanwhile, police are blocking TDP leaders and activists from the surrounding districts from leaving for Narsipatnam. Former MLA Radhakrishnan in Tanuku and former minister Bandaru Satyanarayanamurthy in Vennelapalem were arrested by the House for not going to Narsipatnam.

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