Chennai: Shock to the police who attacked like cannabis .. when they opened the bags ..!

Chennai: Police who were riding after receiving information that marijuana was being smuggled saw a disgusting scene. If the thought is one .. the police were shocked to find that more than that is happening. Yes, to the police who raided that cannabis was being smuggled .. a huge amount of hawala money was seized. The incident took place in Chennai city. Authorities arrested two persons from Andhra Pradesh in the case. The information provided by the police regarding the incident is as follows. Police have been informed that a large quantity of cannabis is being smuggled from Andhra Pradesh. The police were immediately alerted .. The police carried out checks near Manadi on the outskirts of Chennai. During the inspection, people in a car coming from Ongole in Andhra Pradesh were suspicious and parked the car. While checking the car, the police found a large amount of hawala cash. Police arrested two persons in the car and seized the money. The police informed the IT department as there were no documents related to the cash. Jayashankar, along with Narayanan from Ongole, handed over the seized money to the IT officials. Police have registered a case and are investigating.

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