Chattisgarh News: Bamboo bicycle made of Bastaria bamboo is ready to make a splash in the world, know what is the specialty

Jagdalpur News: The Bastariya bamboo bicycle of two youths of Bastar is ready to make a splash in the international market. In fact, the Nature Express organization of Bastar is the third institution in the country and the first in Chhattisgarh which is doing such a unique experiment. Although many companies in the country and world make bamboo bicycles, but this bamboo cycle has been decorated with the workmanship of Dhokra craft, iron craft, shishal and bamboo craft of the tribals of Bastar. The handicrafts of Bastar are being used in bicycle chassis, seats, seat covers, handles, mudguards. Both the youths have created the Bambooka Cycle with the aim of reviving the extinct bamboo art of the tribals and to connect the youth with employment. With the cooperation of the district administration, preparations are being made to launch it on a large scale soon.

Bambuka Bicycle made of Bastariya bamboo is ready to make a splash

Its price has been kept at 35 thousand in the market now. The fully handcrafted cycle is quite light and very smooth to drive. Although it is their effort that if funds are available or the district administration or NMDC management gives the budget, then they will be able to provide employment to the local youth to prepare more and more bamboo cycles. Along with this, this bamboo cycle of Bastar will make a splash in the international market as well. At the same time, the bamboo cycle being prepared in Bastar is at number four in India. However, a lot has to be done for its promotion.

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women and children can enjoy the ride along with youth


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