Chandrababu: Jagan plans to give entry to the area .. Chandrababu’s visit to Kadapa on the 18th of this month ..

TDP chief Chandrababu, who has already toured his home constituency Kuppam in Uttaranchal, plans to give entry to CM Jagan’s constituency. Badudebadu, who is headed to narrow down the government, will take part in the event. In Andhra Pradesh, the TTP is politically cashing in on the issue of fare hikes. Telugudesam is highlighting the comments made by Jagan while criticizing the government when he was the Leader of the Opposition. The Telugu brothers are making a movement under the same name. Chandrababu will visit Kamalapuram in Kadapa district on the 18th, Don in Nandyala district on the 19th and Penukonda in Satyasai district on the 20th. According to party leaders, Chandrababu’s roadmap is ready to cover all parts of the state before Mahanada.

When Chandrababu visited Uttaranchal, there was a good response from the people. With this, Chandrababu focused on the constituencies in Seema this time. The Rayalaseema joint 4 districts have a total of 52 assembly seats, of which the TDP got only 3 seats. However, Chandrababu is expected to send a political message to the ruling YCP if there is a response from the people to his current visit.

That is why he has planned to have his programs in the constituencies where there are key leaders in Rayalaseema. There is a possibility of a Chandrababu tour in the coastal region after the tour of Seema. The party leaders say that there is a chance that the key leaders in the coastal areas will also be conducting rallies in the constituencies.

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