CBI not to leave Amanchi

Former Andhra Pradesh MLA Aanchi Krishna Mohan will not be released by the CBI. Once again the CBI issued notices to him. It is learned that notices have been issued to Amanchi to appear for trial in the case of making indecent remarks on the judiciary. However, he has appeared before the CBI in a similar case in the past.

The CBI has issued notices to Aanchi Krishnamohan, YCP leader in Prakasam district sarees, in a case in which the AP High Court judges had earlier made public remarks on their verdicts. He attended a CBI hearing in Visakhapatnam and clarified his remarks, but the CBI issued another notice to him today. Notices were given to him to come for trial again under Section 41A. However, the CBI, which had earlier issued Section 41A notices, is investigating. However once again giving the same notice took precedence. The notice said that he should come to the CBI office in Vijayawada at 10:30 am on Wednesday. With this he is preparing to attend the trial once again.

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