BJP MLA Jitendra Mahajan suspended from special session of Delhi Assembly, two MLAs thrown out

Delhi Assembly: The Delhi Assembly on Friday suspended Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Jitendra Mahajan for disrupting the proceedings of the House during its one-day special session. Apart from this, two BJP MLAs, MLAs Anil Bajpai and Mohan Singh Bisht were thrown out of the house. Other BJP MLAs walked out of the house to boycott the proceedings in support of the suspended and expelled allies. As the proceedings of the special session began, the BJP legislators demanded a hearing on various issues such as the new liquor policy, rising air pollution in the city and high Value Added Tax (VAT) on fuel.

Ram Niwas Goyal appealed to Mahajan, Bisht and Bajpayee to sit down and let the House run. He also warned other BJP MLAs to calm down or else be prepared to be thrown out for disobeying his instructions, but the BJP MLAs did not listen. After this the Speaker of the Assembly asked the marshals to take Bisht and Bajpai out of the House.

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