Bihar Politics: Chief Minister Nitish gives protection to liquor mafia, says Chirag Paswan

Patna: Amidst the ongoing political turmoil in Bihar, LJP (Ram Vilas) President Chirag Paswan has attacked Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. During a conversation with reporters on Saturday, he said that in the year 2016, the Chief Minister brought the prohibition law. Then we were in opposition. Still we supported this law. But today this law is not fully visible on the ground. In the past, many people have died due to drinking spurious liquor in Bihar which has been banned.

Chief Minister gives protection to liquor smugglers

He said that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar needs to take action in this matter. But they should answer that how people are getting liquor despite the prohibition. Why did he never go to meet the relatives of any of the deceased? People are not to blame, they are the ones to blame. Chirag Paswan alleged that the Chief Minister gives protection to liquor smugglers. Their residence should be sealed. Liquor mafia is fully protected by the Chief Minister.

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