Bear Search Operation Success: Operation Bhallook Success

Bear Search Operation Success: Operation Bunty Succeeds In Srikakulam District. The bear was drugged and captured. After the bear got intoxicated, he was strangled and tied with ropes. Then moved into a cage. The locals are overjoyed when the bear, which was made without a squint on the eye, is finally found. Hard work .. Thanks to the authorities who took the bear into custody. Earlier, authorities had to work hard to locate the bear. Forest personnel and police sifted through the vicinity of Kidisingi village in Vajrapukottur zone. Divided into different teams and worked hard to track down Bunty. Searched with drones.

Eventually a bear was found in a house and Operation Bhalluk was started. Nets were set up around the bear shed in Kidisingi. Authorities have now rounded up the bear-infested house. No one was allowed up to 100 meters there. Leaving the bear forest and coming into the crowd .. Sikkolu people made the camel tremble. Hahakaralu .. ragilipotu angry .. retaliation for the manner in which the attacks were palpitating.

A bear attacked a TV9 team vehicle on its way to Kidisingi village in Vajrapukottur zone. Chase worked as much as hunting. Made an attempt to rage with rage. Forest‌ and police personnel trembled with fear as the bear chased the TV9 vehicle. But for all of them, TV9 became a vehicle shelter. For hours, TV9 representatives and staff remained in the vehicle.

Forest department officials who had heard the noises till then .. were suddenly shocked to see the way TV9 chased the vehicle. Recognizing that this was a blood-stained bear .. Operation Bhalluk was carried out. A bear had been seen in the vicinity of Kidisingi in the past. But on their way they would go. But this time Swayara did the excursion. The bear that killed one .. attacked the other six before 24 hours had elapsed and seriously injured them.

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