Bear Death: Dies by the time the drug is injected ..! Forest officials’ description of the bear’s death

Forest officials have revealed the cause of the bear’s death (Bear Death). Authorities say they retaliated after a bear attacked bulls in Kidisingi village yesterday. The bear’s counterattack caused sharp blows to the bear’s face and severe injuries to body parts. Authorities confirmed that Paka had died on the spot after being hit by a bullfight. Veterinary officials suspect the bear may have died by the time the injection was given.

Authorities say the bear was given the injection because he could not go to the bear to be examined without being given an anesthetic. Severe injuries .. Forest officials have explained that trauma is the main cause of the bear’s death. Chief Conservator of Forests Rammohan Rao said a precautionary rescue operation had been launched. The post-mortem report revealed the same.

A bear has caused a stir in Vajrapukottur, Srikakulam district. Bunty, who killed an old man in Vajrapukottur zone, attacked six others. Authorities carried out Operation Bhalluk the next day. Bunty was captured amidst many precautions. With this the villagers of Kidisingi breathed a sigh of relief. But in the meanwhile Bunty’s suffocation shocked everyone.

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