Bear Attack: How to get rid of bear attack ..? What to do if attacked ..?

What to do if a bear attacks? Most people do not know what to do. Two or three decades ago many tricks were used to protect wildlife. But Ranu Ranu lacks awareness of many on wildlife. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But what if the bear attacks?

Those who go to the forest .. need to know what beasts are there. If there is a wild animal like a bear .. then the appropriate equipment must be taken. The first of these is bare spray. It works effectively on bears. Just as women use pepper spray, bear spray should be used in the woods. What to do if there is no more bare spray? If you know the bear is around you should lie down on the ground immediately. Pretend to be dead. Especially the face, neck and abdomen should be covered.
The same goes for knowing that the bear has no threat. But we need patience. Not just pretending to be dead .. It’s best to stay that way for about fifteen to 20 minutes.

If a bear is seen while walking on the forest paths .. it is best to stay where you are standing. If not moving .. the bear will go away. Why does the original bear attack. When the stomach burns with hunger .. when it thinks it is life threatening to itself or its children .. the bear will attack. Kills humans. However bear attacks around the world are very rare. No more than 40 bear attack incidents worldwide per year. That means the bear is not dangerous. Does not attack unnecessarily. Do not leave if you know it is life threatening. We need to know what was behind the attack in the Srikakulam district incident.

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