Auraiya News: Angered by daughter’s love marriage, father shaved head with sons

Auraiya News: Angered by daughter’s love marriage, father shaved head with sons

Auraiya News: In UP’s Auraiya (Auraiya), a father got so angry with his daughter’s love marriage that he donated her body while alive, not only like The head is shaved after death, in the same way the father and two brothers also got their heads shaved. The family is so hurt by this decision of the daughter that the girl’s brother tried to commit suicide, while the father also consumed poison, but in time the neighbors admitted him to the hospital, which saved his life. 

Actually, such a case came to light from Dibiyapur town of Auraiya where a father cremated his daughter while she was alive, performed Pind Daan and also got her head shaved. On the other hand, the condition of the mother is also bad, she is also unconscious. The father says that from childhood till growing up, he fulfilled every wish of his daughter, but the daughter did a love marriage of her own free will and did not even think about what would happen to her family. He requested that now he should never come in front of his eyes because we all are mentally disturbed. 

Father angry with daughter’s love marriage took this step

The girl’s father says that our whole family is in grief because the daughter married another boy without her father’s consent and has left the house. The father said that like his sons, he taught his daughter a lot, got her B.Sc. I got the form filled for D Pharma but she refused, so henna and dance course was also done, but today she took this decision without my consent and got married. For me my daughter is dead and that’s why we all got our heads shaved too. 

The girl’s father said that we called the boys home and tried to pacify them, but they thrashed us instead. The matter reached the police station and when the policemen also tried to convince her, but the daughter did not agree. He did not think even once that what would happen to his family members. What will happen to them. He said that without thinking about his family, his daughter eloped with the boy. Hurt by this incident, the brother even tried to kill himself, while the father consumed poison. However, fortunately the neighbors saved them. 

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