APSRTC: Strange orders from RTC officials .. Notice issued that KMPL has been reduced ..

Not only Telangana RTC (TSRTC) officials .. Andhra RTC officials are also behaving strangely. Meanwhile, an RTC worker in Telangana, our cousin is dead. Give him leave. Another official issued a notice to the depot manager ‘bus driver’ asking for an explanation as to why the salary of Rs 10,000 should not be reduced as the number of kilometers (KMPL) to turn to a liter of diesel has been reduced. Similarly, officials of Simhachalam RTC (APSRTC) depot in AP issued strange orders. Showcause notices were given to drivers to tell them why the loss should not be deducted from your salary as the liter of diesel that was supposed to come in at 6km got only 5.16km. RTC workers were shocked to see the depot manager notices.

The unions have stated they will not run in the by-elections if they do not consider buses, increased traffic, waiting at signals and road repairs. The RTC management has announced that it is withdrawing notices with trade union warnings. Admin ED has issued a warning to depot managers that action will be taken if such notices are given. Officials are angry at the conductor for not bringing in more collection (revenue). If you stop at every place and pick up the passengers .. the driver is whispering to the conductor. Drivers are voicing that the cost of diesel will go up if they stop there.

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