AP: Volunteer who hit himself with a sandal .. that lolly everywhere .. the thing is ..?

Volunteer slapped Himself: A volunteer who was fed up with the behavior of the village secretariat employees .. slapped himself. Nagesh Nayak is a village volunteer in the Kadiri Zone Ramdas Nayak Tanda in Sri Satya Sai District. While booking e-crop with 50 farmers in his area .. only one of them got crop insurance. The rest did not come. Nagesh was deposed by farmers who did not apply for insurance in Ulu. All the farmers together chased Nagesh and came to the RBK center. Even though there was an agriculture department official there, the farmers could not give an answer. Nagesh had earlier complained that the officer could not insure the farmers in his cluster. Due to non-receipt of proper reply from the authorities, he protested by saying that this employee will be punished and will resign. The video is currently going viral on social media.

RBK Agriculture Assistant who drank insecticide

Haribabu, Assistant Assistant, Agriculture, Nagarajupally Farmer Assurance Center, Martur Zone, Bapatla District, AP, has committed suicide. Some farmers were angry with Haribabu for not receiving crop compensation. Haribabu was upset with this .. He told the matter to the Martur Agriculture Department officials. He then drank the pesticide he had brought with him. Agriculture department staff observed .. Haribabu was rushed to Chilakaluripet Hospital. The government has recently released the amount of crop insurance. However, the names of some farmers were not registered. This has sparked outrage from food donors across the state. Volunteers, RBK staff, secretariats and agriculture department officials are worried that they will not get insurance even if they do not get the harvest due to negligence.

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