Annavaram Temple: Insult in the festivals of the true God .. Pornography with drugs and spills, temple evo where actions are wrong ..

Annavaram, a famous shrine in Kakinada district, was cremated in the presence of Satyadeva. On the 3rd day, as part of the annual Kalyana Mahotsava of Satyadev, the procession at the bottom of the hill performed obscene dance performances with film songs instead of spiritual songs. In the village festival organized by Swami Ammavarla on the vehicle of Ravana Brahma, he left the spiritual and became obsessed with pornography. The temple officials and staff forgot their responsibilities and stepped into the intoxication of the soothing songs. Devotees who came to witness the festivities saw this and put their finger on the nose !. Devotees were outraged that it was like a recording dance at a festival of God.

It is important to organize various cultural and spiritual activities during the Swami’s procession, but they are being misled by the authorities at popular shrines like Annavaram. Devotees are deeply dissatisfied with the unorthodox dances performed during the Ravana Brahma procession of Satyadeva to the detriment of Satyadeva. Is it a festival of God or something with film songs and dances along with cultural activities in the village festival ..? He was incensed that the authorities had accepted such atrocities to cause food poisoning in many people. Annavaram Temple Superintendent Krishna Prasad, D.E. The mountain horses danced under the influence of alcohol in awe.

70 lakh budget allocated for welfare, to do such programs ..? Many are questioning that the revenue department has given you permission. Devotees are incensed at the misfortune of Annavaram Satyadeva’s annual wedding celebrations, which are flourishing like scorpion gold to fulfill their desires. Devotees were angry that it was Swami’s work or his own business to go with the procession of Swami’s chariot behind the front mandubabs.

However, TV9 aired articles on the mischief of Annavaram Satyadeva at the village festival. Annavaram Temple CEO Vendra Trinadharao responded. The event was attended by MLA Parvata Prasad, Chairman, I Night. Said to be there for 1 hour. The staff saw in the media that Mandesi had spilled. He said he had sought an explanation from the staff who were facing charges over this. Temple EO Vendra Trinadharao said action would be taken after their explanation.

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