Annamalai towards the fort – BJP crisis for DMK!

According to Tamil Nadu BJP leader K Annamalai, it has been reported that BJP executives are preparing to march towards the fort.

A few days ago, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced a reduction in excise duty on petrol and diesel. As a result, petrol and diesel prices have plummeted. Similarly, he urged the state governments to reduce the VAT on petrol and diesel.

Welcoming the move by the central government, Tamil Nadu BJP leader K Annamalai had urged the Tamil Nadu government to reduce petrol and diesel prices. He also warned that if petrol and diesel prices were not reduced within 72 hours, a rally would be held at the General Secretariat.

Meanwhile, the 72-hour deadline imposed by Tamil Nadu BJP leader K Annamalai ends today. Following this, a consultation was held at the Tamil Nadu BJP headquarters at Kamalalayam yesterday regarding the protest.
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Commenting on this, a senior BJP leader said:
When the regime came to power, the DMK promised to reduce petrol prices by five rupees a liter and diesel by four rupees a liter. But they reduced the price of petrol by only three rupees and slammed the offer. They have deceived the people by not reducing even a single rupee in the price of diesel.

The value added tax of the state government is higher than the excise tax of the central government. However, the state government will not reduce the tax. The federal government has not made any changes to the basic excise tax, which is shared with the states. The DMK government, which completely conceals this action of the central government and pretends to be the only loyalists, is pretending.
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If the Tamil Nadu government does not reduce petrol and diesel prices after the deadline, the BJP will march towards the fort as announced; The siege struggle will also take place. The Tamil Nadu BJP has started preparations for it. In the first week of June, we are determined to hold a protest. There will be a huge march towards the fort.
Thus he said.